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Standard online training courses

 Our standard courses are only offered in German

The coronavirus years 2019-2021 have presented us with new challenges in many respects. In particular, we have learned to make better use of digital opportunities and explore new avenues. Contact restrictions became a challenge, especially for the entire area of training, which made new creative approaches necessary.
We learned about new possibilities, especially in the area of online training, and found that there are many positive aspects for training.
KRENKO has used this to develop a completely new concept for online Composer training. Of course, it is still possible to hold training courses at your premises.
Of course, the online versions lack eye contact. This would often be very welcome. But there are other good arguments for training via the web.

  • No travel costs
  • Flexible time management, especially as it is possible to have smaller learning sections instead of an 8-hour block. This also leaves more time for exercises between the sections.
  • Appointments can often be made at short notice
  • Direct help with individual projects through online coaching
  • Short sessions for specific topics

The requirements are now met by most users:

  • Computer with 2 screens
  • Stable internet connection
  • Optional, but useful - a headset

Theme spots

Our standard courses are only offered in German

The Composer offers extensive functionality. You have already used some topics and feel confident. But there are also some topics that have been postponed or cause you headaches from time to time.
We would like to remedy this situation and have compiled a list of the most popular topics that we will be offering you in manageable segments at defined times over the coming months. This has many advantages:

  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • The time expenditure for you is low
  • You do not have to leave the house
  • You can ask questions during the training
  • You can apply what you have learned immediately

You can find all the current dates for our theme spots below.



Composer Grundlagen
Themen: UI, Auswahlsätze, Ausrichtung, Transformieren, Rendering, Autoren, Ausgabe, uvm. Kosten: 1080€   More
Composer Tipps & Tricks
Themen: Minisymbolleiste, Shortcuts, Umgang mit dem Menü Geometrien, Senkrechte Textfelder, Nützliches mit Metadaten Kosten: 120€   More
Composer Stile & Profile
Themen: Stile-Arten, Anwendung und Aufbau von Stilen, Verwaltung Stile & Profile, uvm. Kosten: 199€   More
Composer Einstellungen & Dokumenteigenschaften
Themen: Softwareeinstellungen, Dokument- und Standarddokumenteigenschaften ... Kosten: 120€   More
Animationen Grundlagen
Themen: Drehbuch, Zeitachse, Schlüssel, Montageanimation, Ergänzungen und Änderungen, Einbau von Autoren (Pfeile, Texte, Anmerkungen, …), Animation umdrehen. Kosten: 390€   More
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Unser Schulungsflyer 2024
Hier finden Sie alle Schulungstermine für 2024 in einem Dokument.
KRENKO Flyer Online Schulungen 2024.pdf (360.73KB)
Unser Schulungsflyer 2024
Hier finden Sie alle Schulungstermine für 2024 in einem Dokument.
KRENKO Flyer Online Schulungen 2024.pdf (360.73KB)
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To register for one or more training courses, please send us an e-mail to info@krenko.de or use the contact form.

Billing for a bindingly booked online training course is done via prepayment.
The registration deadline is one week before the specified dates.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail (info@krenko.de)
or by telephone (0231/1370715).