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The KRENKO Newsletter

Only available in German!

It is the only regular composer information in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The newsletter is free and is sent monthly to all interested parties. Please register via the dialog at the bottom of this page.

Every month you will find interesting information about the Composer and KRENKO.

Composer Tipp

Almost every month you will find a tip here that has arisen from customer questions. The attached PDF document describes the problem and a possible solution.
Here are two examples of what the tips might look like:

Training courses

Training offers for the next 2 months will be listed in the newsletter.

Information about new versions

As soon as we have information about new functionality in Composer, we test it and provide all relevant information via the newsletter.

Info about 3DExperience

In addition to Composer, there are other products for marketing and product communication. For this reason, a community has been set up on the Dassault platform 3DExperience, which provides information, help and answers to your questions. If new information is posted here, it will also be published in the newsletter.

If you are not yet a member of this community but would like to register, you can do so via the following link: go.3ds.com/protecomm

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