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Despite all the digital changes, we live in a conservative world. This is partly due to the laws, which do not always adapt particularly quickly to current circumstances. This includes the Machinery Directive, the interpretation of which makes many companies uncertain when it comes to digital media.

We recommend: Do both! Follow the machine guidelines and prepare for the future.

This means that it is worth investigating the digital possibilities today and exploring their benefits for your own company. With 15 years of expertise and many customers from a wide range of industries, we offer you the support you need to pave the way and accompany you along the way.

Together with you, we determine the areas of application in your company, evaluate the benefits and find key figures for a digital future of product communication. We enable our customers to work in a future-oriented manner and accompany them to successful results. In particular, the knowledge from the various industries of our customers in combination with sound specialist knowledge from mechanical engineering enables creative approaches and solutions.

Frequent areas of advice

  • Optimization of the Composer (e.g. use and configuration of styles and profiles)
  • Application guideline for the Composer
  • Implementation process for the Composer
  • Optimization of the previous working method
  • Development of spare parts catalogs

Contact us, tell us your requirements and we will work with you to develop professional solutions.

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